The Wild Honey pie

"Andrew St. James cements his Troubadour status with 'You'll Be Fine"  Listen and
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Consequence of Sound

"His latest single 'What A World" is a dreamlike waltz...Look for more from the young St. James"  Listen and Read more HERE


New music HERE

Providence Journal

"Singer Andrew St. James a voyeur of modern life's travails...His lyrics are old-school and thoughtful, and his style is a blend of rock and folk that seems to hit people in the heart, while he dazzles with intricate arrangements on the guitar and gravelly voice."

pUREVOLUME - tOP 10 unsigned ARTISTS OF 2015

PureVolume has always been a place music fans could come to and discover great new artists.
"As far as singer/songwriters go, San Francisco-native St. James shines above his peers for his earnest lyrics and intricate arrangements. St. James has been a revelation and we're excited to see what the future has in-store for him."

The wild Honey Pie

"The San Francisco based singer/songwriter gives us yet another stunning track “Drowning River Blues” – a haunting song that mixes together the campfire strumming of an acoustic guitar punctuated by the jangling of chains that is almost as unsettling as the continued refrain of “I’m going to die alone.” Andrew St. James brings the story tradition of folk into a modern age with his indelible songwriting." 

Listen to the premier of Drowning River Blues HERE


"...channeling songwriting greats like Daniel Johnston and Lou Reed. "Dangerous Love" flows so naturally that it's easy to get lost in the songwriter's words."

Listen to the premier of Dangerous Love by Andrew St. James HERE

My Old Kentucky Blog

Millennial Malaise premier.  "San Francisco singer/songwriter Andrew St. James has been described as Dylanesque in his vocals, but we liken him to more of a folded-down version of Hamilton Leithauser..."
"...Millennial Malaise pulling a sound of year's past into today's landscape." Listen HERE

Tadpole Audio

"St. James is a quintessential “old soul”. Much like his songwriting, the quality of his voice also belies his age. Gravelly and soaked with emotion, his sound has been compared to Bob Dylan and The Tallest Man On Earth, but with the spark of Jake Bugg (another phenom who draws similar comparisons)."

Entertainment Weekly

"...St. James croons, in a Dylan-esque sort of lilt, an open love letter to a girl, about putting fear-of facing the world, or of failure, or of the future-back in check"


"...Andrew sings about, well, the shit that matters-gun violence, the overlooked deaths, and heartbreak"

"...Call it nostalgia or simply a practical way of interacting with his fans, but with "Tapes," he's found a direct line to the emotional center of our hearts, and he's quite comfortable sitting there lovingly strumming our heartstrings."

Austin Town Hall

"...While surfing around the net today looking for some tunes to share, I came across one of those rare songs that makes me stop and play it again, and then again… "

Amazon Music

"...Fans of Ryan Adams and the Flaming Lips alike will find a kindred spirit in St. James..."

Pittsburg in Tune

"...,The Shakes'... cements St. James status as one of the most promising young artists around."


"Complex and layered but honest and humbled, St.James is a good storyteller to have in your headphones"

Aaron Axelsen's Top 16 New Acts to Watch in 2015 (in no particular order, but check out #10)

"Reminds me of a very young Bob Dylan and Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes"